Monday, January 2, 2017

Episode 66: The One Where I'm Back for Round 3

Hello everyone! This week has been crazy! Lots of adjustments and figuring things out, but that's how we grow!

My new companion is Sister Zapata. She has been out for one transfer, and she is doing great! We are working hard, praying hard, and seeing miracles!

I also got to go back to Soundview for Danielle and Rihannah's baptism. It was a really special service, and the Spirit was so strong. I'm so happy for their little family of 2.

I also wanted to share a line form a talk someone gave yesterday. They were talking about goals and how they help us grow, "but the growth usually comes less from the arriving and more from the striving". I thought that was so beautiful and so true. The whole purpose of this life on earth is to gain experience and learn from our journey. And I couldn't ask for a better journey!

Well, that's all for this week!


Sister Lemon

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