Monday, January 30, 2017

Episode 70: The One where God Works in Mysterious Ways... and I Love It!

Hello everyone! This week was amazing and unexpected.

So, Sister Zapata and I have been praying for miracles and straightening our faith that this is God's work, and that He will put us where He needs us, when He needs us. It takes a lot of patience, but it works! Here's the story.

We were driving down the road on Tuesday afternoon. The road we were on does not have a sidewalk, and it's usually pretty busy with cars, but for some reason there was no one else on the road for as far as the eye could see in any direction. I noticed a girl walking along the shoulder (which never happens on this particular road), and felt a distinct impression to stop the car and talk with her. So we pulled over and Invited her to church and got her phone number. It seemed pretty insignificant at the time, but the next morning I felt like we needed to text her and set up a time to meet with her sooner than Sunday. To make a long story a little shorter, we have met with Tiffany 3 times since then, and she is amazing! She had been praying for a few weeks that someone would be put in her path to help her make a change in her life, and just when she felt at her lowest, she went out walking and met us. She said she almost flaked out on the first lesson we set up with her, but something told her that her life would be better if she came, and that we were put in her path for a reason, not just by coincidence. Tiffany has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily, and she told us that she can feel an increase in the presence of the Holy Ghost in her life from doing those things. I have never felt the Spirit working through me as strongly as when we teach Tiffany, and it is absolutely amazing to be able to be a tool in God's hands to bring one of His children back to Him. I feel like I've known Tiffany forever, and I'm sure it's because God has known her forever, and I get to feel a sliver of His love for her. 

We also had a world wide missionary broadcast this week, and there were changes made to our schedule and how we report back on what we are doing. It's going to take some adjusting, but change always brings growth, so that's exciting! The broadcast also involved several talks and some panel discussion that I really enjoyed. My biggest take away is that the purpose of life is to change and grow through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of missionaries is to facilitate that change and growth for those who are searching for it. What a great calling!

And now, some pictures.

It was raining really hard, so we took a selfie.

I made some new friends in the Valentines Day section of Wal-Mart. There were so many stuffed animals, I could hardly handle it!

We had Wendy's for lunch on Saturday, and we were on the cup!

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


Sister Lemon

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